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The satisfied clients of Crowell Denture Clinic Ltd. provide us with positive feedback and compliments on our services. The professionals at Crowell Denture Clinic Ltd. are proud to serve our patients in Dartmouth and pleased to improve their lives, health and smiles.

Thanks for Comfortable Dentures and Improved Smile

November 29, 2006

Dear Jim,

I’m writing to say a belated thank you for the excellent job you did in building me new dentures in the spring and early summer. I was back for several adjustment and you were always very kind and patient about my concerns. My last visit was in mid-July after another adjustment and as it proved to be my last, hopefully for several years, and I really didn’t say a proper thank you, thinking I may have to return.

I have had many positive comments on my new dentures and didn’t realize how much people notice your smile and teeth until they have been improved. Things are going well as long as I remember they are dentures and don’t try and eat nails. I have been able to enjoy the hard fall apples and corn on the cob without difficulty, thanks to your professional skills and workmanship.

Thanks again for a job well done and may the season ahead and the future for you and your loved ones be nothing but the best.

Happiness, Health and Prosperity in the years ahead,

C. Hobart

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