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Crowell Denture Clinic Repairs, Adjusts and Cares for Your Dentures

Repairs While You Wait and After-Hours Emergency Services

You don’t have to suffer from broken dentures or ill-fitting linings for long with Crowell Denture Clinic. Often we can make repairs during office hours while your wait, and we offer adjustments as part of your denture aftercare. On the weekend or after hours, call Crowell Denture Clinic for emergency denture repairs.

Denture Cleaning and Care for Healthy and Bright Smiles

Besides education on how to care for your dentures for a healthy smile, Crowell Denture Clinic carries Renew Denture Cleaner. Not sold in stores, Renew is a professional denture cleaner and one of the most popular denture cleaners in Canada. Purchase Renew at Crowell Denture Clinic to alleviate problems with

  • Plaque and Bacteria

  • Calcium and Tartar Buildup

  • Tobacco, Coffee and Tea Stains

  • Discolouration from Iron

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