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Complete or Partial Dentures from Crowell Denture Clinic in Dartmouth

Learn About the Options of Partial or Duplicate Dentures

According to the extent of your tooth loss or severity of broken teeth, you may have the option of partial dentures. Book an appointment at Crowell Denture Clinic Ltd. for an evaluation and information about working with the healthy teeth you have while improving your smile and comfort with partial dentures. Also, if you already own dentures with a structure that fits well, Crowell Denture Clinic Ltd. can provide a duplicate denture so people can have a spare set in the event of lost or breakage of their primary denture, in as little as a few days.

Don’t Go Without Teeth with Immediate Denture Services

Full dentures are conventional, when a denturist inserts and adjusts them after waiting for your gum tissues to heal completely after your natural teeth have been removed. Crowell Denture Clinic Ltd. also provides immediate dentures that we can fit right after tooth removal because we can take the measurements and create the models of your jaw beforehand. Enjoy the advantage of having your dentures immediately. And take advantage of the relining and adjustment services from Crowell Denture Clinic Ltd. as your gums heal and you adapt to your new dentures.

Geneva 2000Brand Dentures for Natural Look and Stability

Geneva 2000 dentures are premium complete dentures with lots of advantages that make their cost worthwhile. Certified by the Geneva Dental Institute of Beverly Hills to fit their dentures, Crowell Denture Clinic Ltd. takes care to customize your denture according to your:

  • Natural Tooth Shape and Colour

  • Gender and Age

  • Skin Tone and Facial Structure

Consult with denturist James Crowell to decide if Geneva 2000 dentures are right for your needs, considering their advantages, including:

  • Natural and Stable Colour from Layered Porcelain

  • Designed for Stability and Support of Facial Features

  • Resistant to Plaque Buildup and Abrasion

  • Comfortable and Natural Looking

  • Handcrafted Individually for Men and Women

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